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Team Anna Calls Off Fast: To Start Political Party

Team Anna Calls Of Fast: To Start Political Party

Anna Hazare and his team had called off the indefinite fast at Jantar Mantar and announced their foray into electoral politics. Former Army chief Gen V K Singh joined Anna on the stage just before the fast was called off.

Last year, Anna Hazare and his colleagues staged a fast at Ramlila Maidan seeking the Lokpal bill. There was tremendous response then. But this time, the general public have not shown much enthusiasm towards the fast by Team Anna.

After Team Anna vowed to “cleanse politics” by its decision to plunge into electoral politics split the activists with Justice Santosh Hegde and Narmada agitator Medha Patkar publicly expressing their discomfiture with the move. However, there are indications that Anna may attract persons enjoying a high degree of credibility to their fold.

A call was given to the citizens of India to suggest a suitable name to the political party which Team Anna will float to fight the 2014 elections.

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