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Tatkal passports to be issued in a day

Tatkal passports to be issued in a day Passports under Tatkal service will be issued within a day of application once the new Passport Seva Project gets underway next year.

The project, launched in December last year and to be completed within 19 months, will also ensure that an applicant gets his passport within three days of application if police verification is not required.

Highlighting these aspects of the new passport issuance system, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in Amritsar on Saturday steps are being taken to make the system applicant-friendly while balancing the needs of security.

Mukerjee said verification will be expedited through electronic linkage of the Passport Facilitation Centres with the police authorities in state capitals.

The minister, who inaugurated a Passport Centre, also said that e-passports with biometric information will be issued to the general public beginning September next year.

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