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Tata Motors bid good-bye to communist West Bengal

Tata Motors bid good-bye to communist West BengalIt is a bad for the people and government of West Bengal. The CPI (M) governing the state since last 20 odd years failed learn lessons from its mentor, China.

The 1 Lakh Nano car of Tata Motors will not be manufactured in Singur, where land was allotted for the construction of the factory.

Frustrated with continued confrontation and agitation at the Singur site, Tata Motors on Tuesday moved to seriously act on Ratan Tata’s threat to pull out the Nano project from West Bengal.

A company statement said Tatas were evaluating alternate options and considering relocating the plant and machinery in order to ensure the safety of its employees and contract labour, who had been continuously and violently obstructed from reporting to work.

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