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Target Telugu Movie Review

Target Telugu Movie Review

The Film

Target is a direct and blatant copy of Sharon Stones hit Hollywood film “Basic Instinct”, but then what a poor and tasteless copy of an English cult film!

Target movie photo gallery

Target movie photo gallery

The Synopsis

Mandakini (Mumaith Khan) is a well-known author of popular thriller novels and murder mysteries. The police suspect her with actual crime when a boxer mysteriously dies. An ACP trying to investigate the murder meets with an accident. An intelligent police officer Bose (Siva Balaji) takes up the case and finds out that some crimes are being committed as per the pattern described in one of Mandakini’s novels.

The rest of the story deals with whodunit of the murder mystery.

The Performances

Mumaith Khan looks more lackluster than before and her vain attempts to look sexy give the opposite reaction. This one roles has given her some opportunity to showcase her acting talents.Siva Balaji does one of those million police officer roles that we see in Tollywood. Shraddha Das tries to look glam and has nothing much to do.
All other actors just go through their motions.

Target Telugu Movie Review

Target Telugu Movie Review

The Techniques

When you want to copy a popular English film, you should learn a few lessons from JD Chakravarthy who made “Homam” by copying the Hollywood Martin Sorceres film :The Departed”

By trying to Indianise the English story, the entire narration of “Target” has become insipid and boring. You cannot tell a murder mystery story with mainstream song-and-dance interruptions.

With hazy screenplay, all other technical aspects of the film beg to be ignored.

Director Ramesh Raja should first learn how to copy a good film without spoiling the essence of that film or its narration.

Target Telugu Movie Review

Target Telugu Movie Review

The Verdict

This is an ugly copy of a great Hollywood film and your target should be to miss Mumaith’s “Target”

The Cast and Crew

Mumaith Khan, Siva Balaji, Shradhdha Das, Krishna Bhagawan, Viswajit Pradhan, Vizag Prasad, Vijaya Ranga Raju etc

Music: Koti

Camera: Suresh Kumar

Producers: Dasarth Sangisetty and B Rama Krishna

Banner: Sirisai Surya Movies

Director: Ramesh Raja

The Rating

0.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

([email protected])

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Target movie photo gallery

Target movie Trailer

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