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Story of ‘I’ is Fictitious

Story of ‘I’ is Fictitious

Ace director Shankar seems to have been fascinated for the first time with something fiction based story. This is the basic speculations from Kollywood circles about the upcoming film ‘I’ which is recently in post production works. Looking at the posters, Vikram is seen in a beastly look while Amy Jackson is looking at her beat. The posters are making buzz as to what the story of the film is about.
Earlier, Vikram has already made it clear that the story of ‘Manoharudu’ is based on fashion industry and the struggles in that industry which is dealt by Shankar in his own style. The film is creating lot of buzz. If a film like Robot’ can be made which deals with story of romance between a machine and a human then ‘I’ cane be something on the same lines with extra terrestrial element making it more intriguing. We must wait till next month to know more about the film.

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