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Sikh Leaders object to scenes in Singh is Kinng

Sikh Leaders object to scenes in Singh is Kinng Singh is Kinng, starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif and directed by Anees Bazmi, seems to have run into a controversy. This is the first Hindi film to be made completely in the backdrop of Sikh community. Akshay Kumar appears with turban and sherwani.

According to reports, some Sikh community leaders and religious heads raised objections to some scenes, which they felt were derogatory to the Sikh religion, customs and traditions.

Taking these objections into consideration, Anees Bazmi invited a group of Sikh community leaders and shown them the entire film. The Sikh group is said to be satisfied with the way their community has been depicted, but suggested changes in four scenes.

The makers of the film hurriedly reshot those scenes to avoid any unnecessary controversy.

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