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Shraddha Das denies marriage buzz

Shraddha Das denies marriage buzz

Tollywood has been agog with the buzz that actress Shraddha Das is getting married soon to a Bengali businessman from Mumbai.

The actress has denied the reports about her imminent marriage. She tweeted :

“Heard some silly rumours about me getting married soon….it amuses me. If I had the choice, I wouldn’t get married for the next 10 years! I love my work too much right now and I’m married to my career….have too many dreams and goals being achieved one by one..”

Shraddha Das made her debut in 2008 with Siddhu From Srikakulam and has done around a dozen films so far which included Arya 2, Maro Charitra, Darling and Mogudu among others. Her forthcoming film Rey is due for release.

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