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Shahid angry over RJ

Shahid angry over RJ

Shahid angry over RJ

The lover boy of Bollywood Shahid kapoor got angry when a Radio Jackie made some vulgar comments on his girl friend Priyanka Chopra. During a promo of his latest film ‘Kaminey,’ Shahid kapoor and the Director of the film Vishal Bharadwaj were at a Radio station in Mumbai. Everything seems to be going smooth till their funny discussion reached a topic about female role in their film. A pleasant atmosphere prevailed in the studio with cracking jokes on each other.

Shahid said that, “It is quite boring in the first half of the shooting as there are no women in any scenes. But the unit was seems to be energised with the entry of Priyanka Chopra, who is playing female lead in this film. Everybody on the sets seems to be got new energy with her arrival.’

Then the RJ cracked a joke saying, “ It means your girl friend Priyanka Chopra had a tough time in satisfying everybody on the sets?”

Shahid and Vishal were shocked for a moment, and razed with his comments had a small fight with him during the programme. Even they both prepared to leave the studio in the middle of the programme. But, they cool down and finished the recording, only after the RJ and the Radio Station in-charge apologized for several times, and deleting the vulgar comments of the RJ from the tapes.

So Guys! Beware of Shahid, even before dreaming about Priyanka Chopra.

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