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RGV’s next film has no Director Of Photography

RGV's next film has no Director Of Photography

Ran Gopal Varma is making a Hindi film that stars Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt and Abhishek Bachchan which is yet to titled. The film deals with the nexus between cops and the underworld.

What is surprising with this film is that RGV says that there will be no Director Of Photography. He will take over that position and shoot the entire film with a Canon camera and four operators.

RGV is known to be innovative and he is trying new technologies to reduce the cost of production of films. For Satya, he brought an underwater camera to shoot in actual rainy conditions. He is making a Telugu film Dongala Mutah where he shoots with a digital camera just for five days.

Will cinematographers be happy if RGV eliminates the position of Director Of Photography? Let us wait and watch

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