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RGV’s Appalraju gaining craze at box office

RGV's Appalraju gaining craze at box office

We all watch movies. We all criticize them. We all think we can do better movies than many directors but there
are only few who dare to make movies. And appalraju took his step forward to enter the film industry and make
films better than a lot. No one would have thought that RGV will make his re-entry in telugu with appalraju and
this movie has created sensation from day 1 when the film was launched. Ramu launched the film with a song and
followed up with one song a week. Emetti penchaade mee naanna written by RGV himself is a super hit and song by
Brahmanandam is really liked by all. In the season when all big heroes are coming with their movies, appalraju joined
the race in his own style and though everyone is talking about Paramaveera chakra, Mirapakaay, AOD as of now,
looks like appalraju is waiting to create history at box office. Sunil who is back from Super hit ‘Maryada Ramanna
is lookin forward to entertain us. Ramu who is back from his vengeful ‘Rakacharitra’ is rediscovering his trademark
comedy again after longtime. Though the film looks to have lying little low, promotions will sure start soon and
with a master marketer like Ramu at helm we can expect appalraju to come with big pomp. One thing we have to
remember is that there are films of all genre in this season except for full time entertainment, comedy and hilarious
flick and people of AP always loved such films. Keeping all this in mind, I believe that appalraju is coming as a silent
killer and for sure waiting to break all records at box office.

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by Brahma Mahesh
[email protected]

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