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Ramoji double dhamaka

Ramoji double dhamakaFor almost three decades Enadu ruled the roost in Telugu journalism and Ramoji is uncrowned king in Andhra Pradesh, even the bigwigs in the state politics never dared to question Ramoji and the news of Enadu has strong impact on the minds of Telugu public.

The arrival of YSR changed everything. The invincible kingdom of Ramoji is, now, crumbling and the mighty figure himself knocking at the doors of the every available court to avoid arrests and even his own men doubtful of his resilience. That is one side of coin.

Now Ramoji wants to improve his image and financial position using Chiranjeevi.

After arrival of Sakshi the circulation of Enadu suffered a lot in some packets of the state particularly in coastal and Rayalaseema belt though giving some fight in Telengana. Now Ramoji wants to improve his sales by extensively providing coverage to Chiru as the latter has strong support base in coastal belt and at the same time if Chiranjeevi wins the elections he can say because of him he is able to win.

Not only that the coastal region Kapu community has negative opinion on Ramoji as he supports their rival Kamma candidates during elections times and if Enadu provides wider coverage to Chiru it helps him overcome this castsist image too. In addition to that charm of Chandrababu is fast waning and political pundits prophesying his coming to power is next to impossible.

It is heard all this calculations pushing Ramoji to support Chiru and sideline Naidu. Will this change if Balakrishna enters into public life?

If that situation arises Ramoji will reevaluate his calculations once again and act accordingly, told people close to Telugudesam.


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