Ram Sena founder Muthalik arrested

Ram Sena founder Muthalik arrested

Ram Sena founder Muthalik arrested

In the aftermath of public outcry against self styled moral police Sri Rama Sena, who bashed up women in a pub in Mangalore on Saturday, the Karnataka police arrested Pramod Muthalik, Rashtriya Hindu Sena president, which is the parent body of Sri Rama Sena, in Belgaum.

Meanwhile, the National Commission for Women (NCW) has constituted a three-member team to investigate the alleged attack on women in a pub in Mangalore by the Sri Ram Sena.

Taking a serious note of the incident, the NCW has also asked the director general of police (DGP), Karnataka, to immediately send an Action Taken Report to the commission in the matter.

The police arrested 27 persons, including the Sri Ram Sena vice-president Prasad Attavar, who were remanded to judicial custody.

Sri Ram Sena attacks girls at Mangalore pub

2 Responses to “Ram Sena founder Muthalik arrested”

  1. Deva Reddy says:

    Sri Rama Sena must do implement their ideology in postive and polite manner rather going on other way. Thier ideology is good to society
    thier methodology is not the right one
    Pls reconsider it
    Jai Hind

  2. Azad says:

    Police & govt working to protect the young folks at parks, pubs, coffee bars, malls on valentiens day is symbol of encouraging the society to involve in prostitution.Encouraging the prostitution is similary kind of encouraging the valentines day. Just we must feel shy.To express love doesnt need to wait for Feb 14th. Police and Govt must know work not mere for Vote Bank ,requires future generation too. A Day may come , to feel shy, in India our children asking a question what is Hinduism? Where is Hinduism?Get Awake whether Sri Rama Sena is right or not? Else we are killing ourselve.