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Rahul lands in Kargil Controversy

Rahul lands in Kargil Controversy

Congress Party yesterday organized a huge rally in Delhi to show its strength to people as well as its opponents who are going hammer and tongs on various scams that are coming out which involve its leaders and ministers. Sonia and Rahul took the rally as prestige issue and asked all the CM’s of its Govts in various states to attend the meet.
Sonia started the speech and launched a vitriolic attack on opposition saying that though the Govt is doing all it can to curb corruption, Opposition is gunning for it. She said Govt should be given credit for Lokpal Bill and RTI act. Rahul continuing from where she left lashed out at NDA saying when Cong supported it on Kargil war, NDA is not reciprocating it by doing the same in FDIs in retail. This generated huge controversy and many started questioning how could Rahul trivialize Kargil war on national security and play politics on it.

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