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Rahul Gandhi proposes 25% MP seats for youth

Rahul Gandhi proposes 25% MP seats for youth Rahul Gandhi, Congress general secretary, has proposed that the party give at least twenty five per cent of the tickets in the general elections to fresh candidates who have never contested a parliament election. Ideally, these candidates will be in the 25-40 years age group.

According to Congress leaders, the new faces need not necessarily be from those with organisational experience. Quite a few Youth Congress leaders in various states, along with young activists associated with grassroots-level NGOs, will be considered for tickets.

The major thrust of fielding these fresh candidates will be in UP and Bihar, where the party’s performance has been dismal over the last couple of decades. Rahul Gandhi’s office has started identifying potential candidates. Interestingly, age and activism are not the sole criteria. Special emphasis has been laid on the educational background of aspirants as well.

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