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Prakash Raj seeks divorce?

Prakash Raj seeks divorce?

Prakash Raj seeks divorce?

Prakash Raj is an artist who has reputation of playing affectionate fatherly roles, and a responsible head of the family roles. Many of his films including the recent ‘Aakasamantha’ film show him as a caring father. In fact youngsters enjoy his affectionate fatherly roles, and dream to see the same kind of affection from their fathers.

However, Prakash Raj failed in the real life, in sharing love and affection with his own family. Few days back he applied for a divorce with his wife Lalitha Kumari in Egmore court, stating that they couldn’t continue their martial life, as the differences between them reached its peak. However, the reasons he is saying for seeking divorce seems to be not true, as strong rumors making rounds in the industry as well as in the net about his relationship with his personnel secretary and about his affairs with some other women in the film industry, which he is strongly condemning

Prakash Raj also seeks the custody of his children. But, his wife didn’t come forward either to accept divorce or for the money he is offering to settle the matter out of court. She prefers to continue their martial relationship.

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