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Politics behind book release

Politics behind book release

Politics behind book release

The release of the Telugu  version  of Advani’s autobiography ‘’NAA DESAM NAA JEEVITHAM’ by media baron Ramoji Rao in Hyderabad is more than just book release. No, I am not finding fault with Ramjoji attending the function as chief guest, but the way he praised  Adavani is unbecoming of his character. Many are of the view that Ramoji is known for frankness and reserved nature, now having  lost the image in the public and YSR  chasing him for his sins, finally it seems, Ramoji began kneeling down at the feet of political parties.

Even Advani felt embarrassed and later commented that ‘I expected Ramoji point out some of misdeeds of my life but am surprised over his generous praise’

The  true nature of person comes out when he is in troubles. People expected Ramoji  to be morally strong but in the name of anti-Congress stance, he is getting ready to back any party and any person, irrespective of character and ideology. 

It is a known fact that Ramoji is actively backing Chiranjeevi with a view to solicit his support for BJP at the national level in the event of a hung parliament.

If such is the case, he is not more than just anti-Congress media as Undavalli and YSR has been saying.


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