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Pawan Kalyan To Meet Hyderabad Students In Himachal Pradesh

Pawan Kalyan to meet Hyderabad students in Himachal Pradesh

The most generous actor of the Telugu Industry has decided to meet the Hyderabad students in Hyderabad. These 24 Hyderabad engineering students had an accident due to sudden flash floods in the Beas river in Mandi in Himachal. The accident occurred when the post water from Laarji Hydropower Project was released into the river. These engineering students from VNR Engineering College were taking pictures at Thalot, at about 7:00 PM on Sunday. The 24 students include 18 boys and 6 girls. According to reports, Pawan Kalyan was shocked to hear the news and wanted to meet the students. He left from Hyderabad at 2:00 PM.

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