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One more song added to Mithrudu

One more song added to MithruduOne more song added to MithruduBalakrishna’s long awaited film Mithrudu was released last Friday but received lukewarm welcome. Now, the producer Shivalenka Krishnaprasad says that a song “Jhummandi Ollantha…” will be added to the film and can be seen in theatres from May 15th onwards. This song had been choreographed by Prem Rakshit.

Earlier the producer Shivalenka Krishnaprasad made films like ‘Aditya 369’, ‘Vamsaniki Okkadu’, ‘Bhalevaadivi Baasu’ among others.

Debutant director Mahadev expressed the hope that ‘family audience’ would receive this film well because deliberately Balakrishna’s role had been toned down to a ‘soft hero’ as compared to the actor’s earlier rough and tough roles.

Can the addition of a new sizzling song redeem a below average film?

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