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Not jealous about their friendship: Amala

No jealous about their friendship: Amala

Not jealous about their friendship: Amala

If, somebody would have been in her place, surely they have been quarrelling with each other every day, or would have been gone for a divorce by now, because of the close relationship between her husband Nagarjuna and actress Taboo. Nag’s wife Amala said that, ‘I wonder whether the media will ever stop spreading rumours about their friendship? I am not jealous about their friendship, because I knew it is just friendship and nothing else, as explained by the media. In fact, I enjoy and appreciate their friendship.

Taboo often comes to our home and spends a good time with us. I feel her just like my family member and we enjoy each other’s presence. Though she looks very reserved, she is very friendly and mingles with us like a family member. My husband Nag and she make fun of other, and we all enjoy a lot with that. When Nag hugged Taboo in the Film Fare Awards function, I was there just beside them. It is just a sign of affection and nothing else. But, the news-hungry media has elaborated it as a big issue. When it comes to our notice we make a joke out of it and laughs together.’

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