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No 5-star stay: Amrita Rao walks out of Dil Raju’s film

No 5-star stay: Amrita Rao walks out of Dil Raju's film

The recent cost-cutting measures adopted by Tollywood producers and actors are not being accepted by actors from other regions. Amrita Rao who was to act opposite Siddharth in Dil Raju’s upcoming film O My Friend has walked out of the project because she has not been provided 5-star hotel accommodation and hospitality to her entourage.

After it was explained to her about the new cost saving policy of Telugu film industry, she refused to act and opted to cancel her agreement. Tollywood producers are worried that Bollywood actors may not act in Telugu films in view of the cost-cutting measures. Some film makers are thinking of making exceptions to Bollywood actors by providing the usual luxuries to them.

Venu Sriram will make his debut as director with O My Friend where Nitin also plays an important role. Now, Dil Raju is looking for a heroine in place of Amrita Rao.

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