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Naa Ishtam Movie Review

Naa Ishtam Movie Review

The Film
Naa Ishtam is a love triangle where the hero comes out of his selfishness to help the heroine and falls in love with her.

The Synopsis

Ganesh (Rana Daggubati) lives in Malaysia. He is money-minded and selfish to the core. Krishnaveni (Genelia) runs away from home to marry her lover Kishore (Harshavardhan Rane) who does the disappearing act. She is disappointed and by chance meets Ganesh. He takes her to her home thinking that he may get some money from her father (Nassar). In view of the steamed up situation there, Ganesh takes Krishnaveni back to Malaysia and helps her to have a fresh start in life. She slowly forgets Kishore and romance brews between her and Ganesh. Then suddenly, Kishore makes an entry to claim back the love of Krishnaveni. A local don Salim Bhai (Shawar Ali) is on the lookout for Ganesh at the behest of Krishnaveni’s father. The rest of the story deals with how the love-triangle is resolved.

The Performances

Rana tries his best to put on the colours of a commercial hero but poor characterisation of his role hampers him. Genelia is just a glam prop to the proceedings. Harshavardhan Rane is ok. Nasser does his bit as the angry father. Brahmanandam, Ahuti Prasad, Subba Raju, Ali and Raghubabu go through their motions without much of a comedy effect.

The Techniques

The story is not narrated in a convincing manner. The principal characters are not delineated properly. The incidents appear contrived and the liberal use of cinematic license is very annoying. The dialogues do not add any spice to the proceedings. Music is ordinary and the songs work as speed-breakers to the narration. Screenplay is sloppy. Camera work is good.

The Verdict
Naa Ishtam is a disappointment. It does not entertain you.

The Cast and Crew

Rana Daggubati, Genelia Dsouza, Harshavardhan Rane, Nassar, Brahmanandam, Ahuti Prasad, Subba Raju, Ali, Raghubabu,Shawar Ali and others
Music Director : Chakri
Producer : Paruchuri Kireeti
Director : Prakash Toleti

The Rating

2.25 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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