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Mirapakaay Movie Director Harish Shankar Exclusive Interview

Mirapakaay Movie Director Harish Shankar Exclusive Interview

RaviTeja is going to as hot and as spicy as Mirapakaay- An exclusive interview with Mirapakaay director Mr. Harish Shankar

Hello Harish, Congratulations on release of Mirapakaay.

Harish Shankar: Thank you. Thanks a lot.

Mirapakaay is all set for release. I’m sure you would have already seen the first copy. Are you satisfied with the output? Has it come as per your expectations?

Harish Shankar: It’s a very common to say that the film has come very well and exceeded expectations etc and we say all this in press meets to bring in energy. I would rather say that you all will like the film and the film has shaped up to entertain you.

Can you please tell us about your background? How did you come into film industry?

Harish Shankar: I should say I’m hugely influenced by my father who was a big fan of NTR, Amitabh Bacchan and Kishore Kumar. His day used to start with the film and end with film. I’m brought up in BHEL where there was a lot of culture ambience. I’m associated with theatre from my childhood where I used to handle everything from story to back stage and involved in everything starting from creating

Director Harish Shankar Exclusive Interview

ambience to everything and I used to like direction more than any craft. My father who was a Telugu teacher introduced me to Telugu literature and made me more complete. I used to be seen more at theatre than school and college. And of course there was madness for cinema which made me come into this field.

You were not seen for long time after the release of shock. What were you doing?

Harish Shankar: When I got the gap, I worked without gap. I used to develop scripts for myself and also worked as co- director for my friend’s movies. I worked on movies like Bujjigaadu, Koncham Ishtam Koncham Kastam, Chintakayala Ravi and Adhurs.

Mirapakaay has a very important place in the lives of Telugu people. How did you think about the title- Mirapakaay?
Harish Shankar: The title is given by Raviteja. I liked the way he pronounced Mirapakaay. The sounding itself is very mass and had lot of spice in it.

The film has already created craze from the title. Will Raviteja be as hot and spicy as Mirapakaay is?

Director Harish Shankar Exclusive Interview

Harish Shankar: Raviteja will be as hot and as spicy as the title.

We all know that Raviteja is Mass maharaja. No one can do mass roles better than him. How differently did you show him in this movie?

Harish Shankar: I have shown Raviteja like Raviteja in this movie. Energy means Raviteja and Raviteja means energy. I tried to elevate the energy and enthusiasm of Raviteja. Characterization is very different and I’m sure you will like his character in the movie.

You told us that you have called Raviteja as Mass Maharaaj even before Shock. How did you think about this title for him?

Harish Shankar: I used to work as assistant and associate with Raviteja and even before Shock I used to call him Mass Maharaaj. He used to call me ‘ What Director…’even before I became the director. There was lot of energy in the way he used to call me. So I used to

Director Harish Shankar Exclusive Interview

call him Mass Maharaaj lot of times. Director of Don Seenu liked it a lot and titled him Mass Raja as it comes rhyming for Mass Raja Raviteja. Mass Maharaaj comes back with this film.

Richa and deeksha are the heroines of the movie and both are looking very beautiful. What is their character in the movie? How are you showing them?

Harish Shankar: Richa and Deeksha are very beautiful. Both characters are very different and both have done well. They don’t know Telugu but no one will feel that after watching movie. Richa’s character in the movie is Vinamra and she is very soft-spoken, traditional girl. Her characterization is like Bhanupriya’s character in Swarnakamalam. In the contrast, Deeksha’s character is of a posh and modern girl. And it’s going to be double fight between these two girls.

The music composed by Thaman for Mirapakaay has been declared a chartbuster and being heard all over A.P. Each song has a different style. How do you think was this made possible?

Harish Shankar: It’s true that songs are superhit and response is tremendous. Even the fans overseas are sending me messages thru email and twitter and I’m very happy with that. Thaman understood the concept of Mirapakaay more than me. He got excited with the entire concept and excited the viewers with his music. If you ask me- off-screen Thaman is the hero.

Can you please tell us about action scenes?

Harish Shankar: Coming to action scenes, cinema is an out to out entertainer. You will see entertainment besides comedy. Action scenes in this movie are different from what Raviteja has done in his earlier films. I wouldn’t say it’s never seen but very different from what you have seen.

Your first movie shock was with Raviteja and now you are doing your second movie also with him. Is it coincidence or planned?
Harish Shankar: (laughs) we have planned to make it look a coincidence

Will you do your next movie with Raviteja?

Harish Shankar: Not just next movie, I would like to do every movie with him if possible.

For success of any movie you need a director who has taste. Can you please tell us about producer Ramesh Puppala?

Harish Shankar: This is the first production for Mr. Ramesh Puppala. He is a very energetic and naughty producer. He has a lot of passion towards film making and because of his passion, he never compromised on anything and has given us everything that is needed. I’m very happy with the production and would like to thank Mr. Ramesh Puppala.

Can you please tell us about the technicians who worked for your movie?

Harish Shankar: When I talk about technicians I should first talk about my editor Mr. Gautam Raju. This is the 200th movie for him and he has done extremely great job. When I look at the film now, I wonder if this is my movie. He was involved in every bit of post production and I should say I’m honored of working with a great technician like Mr. Gautam Raju. Mr. Ramprasad is my DOP and he has earlier worked with V V Vinayak, Surender Reddy and Raja Mouli. I was bit tensed how would it be working with a DOP who

Director Harish Shankar Exclusive Interview

worked with such senior director but all tension went away after shooting 5-6 scenes. He is extremely professional and work oriented. For directors who want to do their movies quickly, ram Prasad is the best DOP. My Art Director Brahma is very devoted and worked round the clock. He is always there discussing with everyone how to improvise. He has done extremely good job in provided whatever shoot demanded. Raju Sundaram and Ganesh Master did choreography. What more can we say about Rajusundaram? Ganesh master designed adhigora choodu song very well matching RaviTeja’s style. Ram lakshman did fights for the movie and I’m very happy with the action sequences.

Can you please tell us about other artists?

Harish Shankar: Brahmaji played a very important role in the movie. He has a very different character. Thanks to Sunil who acted on my request even after becoming hero. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Ali did very good job. Each character will have a purpose in the movie.

What is your next project?

Harish Shankar: You will hear about my next project very soon.

Have you seen the website www.mirapakaay.com?

Harish Shankar: I have seen the website and the website has come up very well with very high standards. I’m happy about it.

All the best harish and we wish that Mirapakaay will bring success to you and Raviteja and good days back to Telugu Film Industry that seems to have forgotten the spelling of success.

Harish Shankar: Thanks a lot.

by Brahma Mahesh

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