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Minister attacks Chiranjeevi

Minister attacks ChiruThe minister for Marketing, Mareppa came out with some serious allegations against Chiranjeevi. Mareppa said that all this talk of Chiranjeevi coming into politics for serving the poor was mere eyewash. The minister asked how much money Chiranjeevi has actually spent for the poor all these years.

Chiranjeevi made millions and millions all these years by acting in films and built up a big fortune. Now he is trying to project an image as a champion of the poor.

Mareppa also made some serious allegations about Chiranjeevi Blood Bank as well. He said that while they were collecting blood free of cost from donors, they were selling it for 1,200 hundred rupees.

Chiranjeevi fans are now itching to have a go at the minister but they can’t do anything. The recent attack on Rajashekar and Jeevitha is still fresh on people’s minds. If they do anything drastic, they will be branded as rowdies.

Chiranjeevi was a virtual monarch in the film industry and nobody dared to question him over anything all these years. But politics is something entirely different. He will now be questioned by all and sundry and he will have to answer many unsavory questions, including ones about his personal life.

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