Letter of Editor of ‘TIMES OF INDIA’ to Prime Minister

Letter of Editor of ‘TIMES OF INDIA’ to Prime Minister

Letter of Editor of ‘TIMES OF INDIA’ to Prime Minister

This Open letter circulating as a chain email is posted for the viewers of searhandhra.com

Dear Mr. Prime minister

I am a typical mouse from Mumbai. In the local train compartment which has capacity of 100 persons, I travel with 500 more mouse. Mouse at least squeak but we don’t even do that.

Today I heard your speech. In which you said ‘NO BODY WOULD BE SPARED’. I would like to remind you that fourteen years has passed since serial bomb blast in Mumbai took place. Dawood was the main conspirator. Till today he is not caught. All our bolywood actors, our builders, our Gutka king meets him but your Government can not catch him.Reason is simple; all your ministers are hand in glove with him. If any attempt is made to catch him everybody will be exposed. Your statement ‘NOBODY WOULD BE SPARED’ is nothing but a cruel joke on this unfortunate people of India.

Enough is enough. As such after seeing terrorist attack carried out by about a dozen young boys I realize that if same thing continues days are not away when terrorist will attack by air, destroy our nuclear reactor and there will be one more Hiroshima.

We the people are left with only one mantra. Womb to Bomb to Tomb. You promised Mumbaikar Shanghai what you have given us is Jalianwala Baug.

Today only your home minister resigned. What took you so long to kick out this joker? Only reason was that he was loyal to Gandhi family. Loyalty to Gandhi family is more important than blood of innocent people, isn’t it?

I am born and bought up in Mumbai for last fifty eight years. Believe me corruption in Maharashtra is worse than that in Bihar. Look at all the politician, Sharad Pawar, Chagan Bhujbal, Narayan Rane, Bal Thackray , Gopinath Munde, Raj Thackray, Vilasrao Deshmukh all are rolling in money. Vilasrao Deshmukh is one of the worst Chief minister I have seen. His only business is to increase the FSI every other day, make money and send it to Delhi so Congress can fight next election. Now the clown has found new way and will increase FSI for fisherman so they can build concrete house right on sea shore. Next time terrorist can comfortably live in those house , enjoy the beauty of sea and then attack the Mumbai at their will.

Recently I had to purchase house in Mumbai. I met about two dozen builders. Everybody wanted about 30% in black. A common person like me knows this and with all your intelligent agency & CBI you and your finance minister are not aware of it. Where all the black money goes? To the underworld isn’t it? Our politicians take help of these goondas to vacate people by force. I myself was victim of it. If you have time please come to me, I will tell you everything.

I am everything Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Schedule caste, OBC, Muslim OBC, Christian Schedule caste, Creamy Schedule caste only what I am not is INDIAN. You politician have raped every part of mother India by your policy of divide and rule.

If this has been land of fools, idiots then I would not have ever cared to write you this letter. Just see the tragedy, on one side we are reaching moon, people are so intelligent and on other side you politician has converted nectar into deadly poison. I am everything Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Schedule caste, OBC, Muslim OBC, Christian Schedule caste, Creamy Schedule caste only what I am not is INDIAN. You politician have raped every part of mother India by your policy of divide and rule.

Take example of former president Abdul Kalam. Such a intelligent person, such a fine human being. You politician didn’t even spare him. Your party along with opposition joined the hands, because politician feels they are supreme and there is no place for good person.

Dear Mr Prime minister you are one of the most intelligent person, most learned person. Just wake up, be a real SARDAR. First and foremost expose all selfish politician. Ask Swiss bank to give name of all Indian account holders. Give reins of CBI to independent agency. Let them find wolf among us. There will be political upheaval but that will better than dance of death which we are witnessing every day. Just give us ambient where we can work honestly and without fear. Let there be rule of law. Everything else will be taken care of.

Choice is yours Mr. Prime Minister. Do you want to be lead by one person or you want to lead the nation of 100 Crore people?

Prakash B. Bajaj
Editor Mumbai-Times of India
Chandralok ‘A” Wing, Flat No 104
97 Nepean Sea Road
Mumbai 400 036
Phone 98210-71194

16 Responses to “Letter of Editor of ‘TIMES OF INDIA’ to Prime Minister”

  1. Rahman says:

    Hats off…..
    We want this type of spirit to question a prime minister of his deeds. I appreciate Times of india not posting stupid blogs like rediff which incite hatred among indians. Look at the stupid blog which says “Will you watch Rab ne banadi jodi”. Does that make any sense, instead it let’s people to write a bad remarks because shahrukh khan (a Muslim) has not commented on the Mumbai attack.
    Let’s analyze it, Maharathi (a movie having OMpuri, Naseeruddin shah) has released today with no such Bull…..
    I appreciate you not posting any such stupid blogs on your website.
    thanks for questioning these M****F*** Politicians who dont care if a common man dies, Where is Raj Thackray, Where is Bal thackrey when people were dying in Mumbai, where did the maratha pride go, these Assh****** didn’t go and fight with the terrorists.. Instead now they start accusing congress government.
    Why doesn’t RSS, VHP, SIMI join military and serve my Country.

  2. SJS says:

    While one agrees whole heartedly with the spirit of the letter but do you expect us to believe that someone who writes such appallingly poor English is an Editor in India’s leading English dailies ?

    Would you not do well to check whether this gentleman is really what you claim him to be. If he isn’t, as I am sure you will find, please make correction and stop using Times of India logo to make it look authentic and official. Lack of credibility just takes away from the otherwise powerful message.

  3. savvy21 says:

    Thank You Mr Editor Sir you are a great person. This really needs great courage. I am very happy that someone has brought this to the knowledge of our PM. I think that if some percentage of people come together then it can start a new revolution. May be because of that there can be at least 1% change in our country then it would be great.

  4. AMIT says:

    THANKS Prakash B. Bajaj

  5. Santoshkumari says:

    good one really appreciated.
    India needs such people to progress and eradicate corruption

  6. Mahesh Borkar says:

    I Read your letter, which is very good written by you. But i want to ask some question, you selected politician only from maharashtra why? Also you said that maharashtra is more corrupted than bihar. I think you are wrong. Also you said that you are everything Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Schedule caste, OBC, Muslim OBC, Christian Schedule caste, and Creamy Schedule caste; why not Marathi? In india most of our politician are corrupted thats why we can not do progress which we want. You have to mention that most of our states are corrupted not only maharashtra. If you want to raise any point than note down my e-mail ID mbbs007@rediffmail.com.
    Jai Maharashtra

  7. Md Nawed Qasim says:

    India needs many more writers like you who can raise their voice for the general cause..Hats off for your bold article..

  8. vikas says:

    Hi Team,

    In every four minutes, a false dowry case is lodged in India. Innocent husband and their relatives are facing arrest and harassment in such fabricated cases. This all is made possible by section 498A of the Indian Penal Code. A number of false cases under section 498A are lodged every year.
    On 6th February 2008, a 30 year old man, Pushkar Singh, committed suicide by hanging himself with a ceiling fan at his home. The incident took place in Jankipuram area of Vikas Nagar (Lucknow, India). Pushkar Singh wrote a suicide note addressed to Allahabad High Court in which he alleged that he was framed in a dowry case by his wife and her relatives. He had to remain in judicial custody for four months in connection with this case. Pushkar Singh in his suicide note pleaded himself innocent and made his wife responsible for his act. Singh was married two years back and was residing at Allahabad with his wife. But after one year of their marriage his wife left him and started living with her family. However before leaving, his wife filed a case against him under section 323, 498A and 504 of IPC. In his note Pushkar Singh wrote that, “I was sent to jail after a false dowry case was lodged against me by my wife Vinita and her family, who had demanded Rs 14 lakh as compensation. Neither my father nor I had seen such a big amount in our lives. We even sold our house to contest the case.” Singh further appealed to his wife in the note as, “I would also like to request Vinita not to harass my family in future. It was my mistake to marry her and I am repenting it by sacrificing my life.”
    A large number of false cases under section 498A are registered every year in India. According to section 498A-
    “Whoever, being the husband or the relative of the husband of a woman, subjects such woman to cruelty shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine.
    Explanation—For the purpose of this section, “cruelty” means—
    (a) Any willful conduct which is of such a nature as is likely to drive the woman to commit suicide or to cause grave injury or danger to life, limb or health whether mental or physical) of the woman; or
    (b) Harassment of the woman where such harassment is with a view to coercing her or any person related to her to meet any unlawful demand for any property or valuable security or is on account of failure by her or any person related to her meet such demand.”
    It’s very easy for a wife or daughter in law whose demands are not fulfilled, to make a false written complaint of dowry in the police station. The husband, in-laws and relatives are arrested even without sufficient investigation and put behind bars and presumed to be guilty unless they prove their innocence even if the case is a false one.
    Most of the cases under section 498A are just blackmail attempts by the wife and sometimes they are followed by huge settlement amounts.
    In a significant case on April 2010, the Bombay High Court has held that a false case filed under section 498A by a wife for harassing her husband and in laws amounts to cruelty and is a sufficient ground to seek divorce. The hon’ble court observed that – “we fail to understand the logic behind the reasoning adopted by the family court to hold that a singular complaint of this nature under section 498A IPC resulting in arrest and detention of family members and relatives thereby causing embarrassment, humiliation and suffering does not constitute mental cruelty”.
    Section 498A IPC is in fact an anti social element in the penal laws and has destroyed the life of many innocent husbands. The draconian features of this section are; – firstly, it is a non bailable offence i.e. no investigation required before arrest. Secondly, relatives of the husband even if they are totally unaware of any incident can be dragged into the case. Thirdly, the offence is non compoundable i.e. the complaint cannot be taken back. Fourthly the accused is presumed to be guilty unless he is proved innocent. Fifthly, marriage generally comes under civil laws but section 498A deals such situation under criminal law.
    The consequences of a false case under section 498A are also very destructive. The in-laws of the wife are labeled with criminal records even if the case is a false one. Sometimes innocent husband out of frustration and shame chose to commit suicide. A case under section 498A cannot be withdrawn and thus the chance of living together again becomes negligent. It often becomes difficult for both husband and wife to find another life partner. In most of the cases husband loses his job after a 498A case has been filed against him. Moreover the parents of the husband are also arrested in most of the cases and their life turns into a hell out of depression. A dignified life turns into a shameful life.
    However it is a matter of fact that dowry deaths are still in existence in India. Dowry death cases are mostly reported from the rural areas where as false cases under section 489A are largely reported from the urban areas. It seems that there is a difficulty in diminishing the effects of section 498A as there are still cases of dowry deaths. What can be the solution for this two contradicting situations?
    Inserting some exceptions in the legal provision under section 498A IPC may improve the situation to some extent. Moreover the recent decision of the hon’ble Bombay High Court can give a new direction to the dowry laws. Inclusion of some legal technicalities section 498A is the need of the hour to prevent the misuse of such a significant legal provision.
    The Supreme Court of India and various High Courts have time and again showed their concern over the misuse of the anti dowry laws. The Supreme Court has even termed the anti dowry law as ‘legal terrorism’.

    Please take some some suitable steps against this social issue…..

    Thanks & regards,
    Vikas Verma

  9. Disha Reddy says:

    Well said Mr.Bajaj .The script shows the agony of every common man in India who are just being the puppets in the hands of politicians . I want to tell the people of India ” Dont adjust to the situations ,wake up n raise your voice against ” . Thanks to the Editor of Times OF India by bringing such bold articles into public.

    Disha Reddy

  10. Rashmi says:

    This is very nice.. Even if this is told thousand times, our indian politicians will never understand.
    Hope this letter reaches to all indians and atleast 10% of the population will wake up..

  11. Rashmi says:

    great person who wrote this letter..
    let our politicians team change..
    this letter has to reach all indians..
    Jaago INDIA Jaago

  12. Rudhir says:

    Sir you are a real Indian…whatever you have written touched my heart…..i am with you sir…

  13. rajeshwari says:

    Blood of common man boils at the situation prevailing in the country. I am a professor very much confused and know not what marals to teach the youth. I am struggling against the corrupt minds in education arena but success to me is invain because I am only a teacher however ideal I am. Prakash bhai u r a journalist please go ahead . u have the mighty pen. U are very right. we are getting suffocated in this country. I feel like dragging all these corrupt people and throw them in the Arabian sea. I have something worse to tell but to whom i do not know. Anna is struggling there and something is happening here.

  14. Pankaj Mittal says:

    Sir you are a real Indian.

  15. Ravi Yadav says:

    Wah! Wah! Wah! Hope, one day every Indian should ask the same question (except corrupt politicians). (Please do not care about my english!!!!) I have to ask a question from evrey one and hope you will answer honestly. Even we appoint an office boy in our very small organization and we expect that he must be educated either he is 10th pass but how about these politicians. Some of them been trained how to sign a paper. Please, tell me how we can handover our entire nation to lead them who even do not know how to sign a paper. One more thing, to become an IAS officer, how a student work hard and after hard work he become an IAS and what happend, later on they become like an office boy for those who do not know how to sign a piece of paper. It is shameful for such honorable post of India. Please tell me, is it right?

  16. Neha Garg says:

    simply…sonai ghandi,,,,…..is using the pm..and our pm accept every thing which sonia ghandi says…without any expression…..this is different tobic to think……the main topic is to concern y public hate him,,,,…becoz he is not doing well for our beautiful country….he should have to be emabarass by his deeds during the time of anna hazre fast unto death..

    Firstly he said he will not accept any bill..after that by seeing pulic exicitement he had to accept all condition….he is like pin painda ka lota…to ruk nahi sakta apne place pe,,,,

    he is surronuding by so many corrupted politician and then he again slipped from his path..

    now pm ji..this is too much …..we will not see u agai.n as a pm..