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LBW Movie Review

LBW Movie Review

The Synopsis

The story is told in two different streams – the first is in India where Rishi (Sidhu) and Jai (Abhejit) have a romantic interest in Anu (Nishanti). She responds favourably to Jai while she ignores Rishi.

In USA Radhika (Chinmayi) thinks that she and Rakesh (Rohan) are made for each other. Confronted with an unresponsive Rakesh, she befriends Varun (Asif).

Both the stories run in parallel and the changing degree of relationships between the two groups of the three-some lead to an interesting climax.

The Performances

Nishanti and Chinmayi give outstanding performances. Abhejit essays his role with conviction. Rohan, Asif and Sidhu fit their roles. All the six actors somehow look and act in a very natural way that is both refreshing and enjoyable.

The Techniques

LBW Movie Review

Director Praveen Sattaru on his debut gives a mature touch to the story and the way he had etched the characters is really noteworthy. The theme is totally out of the box. The screenplay moving to and fro from one stream to the other is done seemlessly. Cinematography by Andrew Redd and Suresh is of international standards. Editing by Dharmendra enhances the narration value. Music by Anil R is mellifluous. Production values are high.

The Verdict

LBW should be seen for its sheer variety and novelty and the good performances by the actors.

The Cast and Crew

Asif Taj, Rohan Gudlavalleti, Nishanthi Evani, Chinmayi Ghatrazu, Siddharth, Abhijeet and others

Music – Anil R.

Cinematography – Andrew Redd, Suresh

Lyrics – Krishna Chaitanya

Editing – Dharmendra

Art – Maddineni

Producer – Navin Sattaru, Deborah

Banner – A Working Dreams Production

Story, Screenplay, Direction – Praveen Sattaru

The Rating

2.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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