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Lara Dutta is “Miss Perfect 58”

Lara Dutta is "Miss Perfect 58"

Lara Dutta is "Miss Perfect 58"

Beauty queen-turned-actress Lara Dutta for maintaining a weight of 58 kg since her debut in Bollywood with the 2003 movie “Andaaz”. Director David Dhavan is so impressed that he calls her “Miss Perfect 58”.

David is amazed how the actress has maintained 58 kilos for the last six years. Lara has one of the best figures in the showbiz and is also an amazing actress according to the director..

Dhawan really likes Lara’s acting and comic timing. He was so impressed by her work in his 2007 hit “Partner” that he decided to cast her again for his forthcoming film “Do Knot Disturb”.

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