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Kites Hindi Movie Review

Kites Movie Review

The Film

Kites is a celluloid rhapsody with cinematic idioms, filmy metaphors and moving symbolism. The film is bold, more like Devanand-Vijayanand interpretation of RK Narayan’s novel Guide. The Rakesh Roshan-Anurag Basu product, in my opinion, a cult film like that of Sippy’s Sholay, Balachander’s Maro Charitra and Ram Gopal Varma’s Shiva, not to forget Baazigar, Paa, Jab We Met and Om Shanti Om plus Saawariya.

Kites is an extraordinary narration of the daring romance between an oridanary man and an equally ordinary woman, belonging to different nations, bonding in natural love in spite of speaking different tongues.

Kites Movie Review

An illicit, sorry, unconventional relationship blossoming throgh a string of evolving love, flowers only to wither away without a seed of the basic need of sex.

The Synopsis

The basic premise is that of the opposite of our own epic Ramayana.An Indian young man Jai(Hrithik Roshan) is in US of A doing odd jobs. He happens to meet Gina(Kangana Ranaut). He gets introduced to her father Bob (Kabir Bedi) who owns a casino and her brother Tony (Nick Brown) and his wife Natasha (Barbara Mori). Jai is appointed as an official bouncer and odd job at Bob’s casino..

Kites Movie Review

Tony is cruel fellow and harasses his wife, even resorting to domestic violence. Jai and Natasha have an uncanny closeness to each other and Jai kidnaps Natasha and gets married to her in Mexico.

Then starts a fast paced drama that unfolds in sheer panic speed and furious pace and ends in a climax of Titanic proportions’

The Pereformances

Hrithik Roshan, generally described as a Greek God, is superlative in his performance.His range of emoting reminds you of the best of thespians. For me he appeared to have combined the best talents of Robert Redford, Richard Burton and Robert De Niro. Our own Kangana is so fabulous. Weell, Barbara Mori i9s a Mexican queen and what a performance! Her depiction of moods is simply outstanding. The first poster boy of India, Kabir Bedi…how nice to see him perform with great aplomb. Brown is too grey in his role and does a very creditable job All others fit their author backed roles

Kites Movie Review

The Techniques

A bold theme, a novel presentation and weel-scripted screenplay makes Kites a real pleasure to watch. The multi-lingual dialouges do not confuse you in spite of the English sub-titles. The music is fantastic and the choreography is scintilating. My goodness gracious, how Hrithik sizzles in his dancing! The orchestration of the action sequences is something that can only watched on the screen. The sound design looks like an award winning creation. The production values match the internation standards.

Kites Movie Review

The Verdict

Kites is an astounding cinematic experience, at least for me. What are you waiting for? Go, rush to the nearest theatre and watch Kites….it has the flavour of Katti Patang, the taste of Race and the beauty of George Roy Hill’s Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), scripted by William Goldman,

The Cast and Crew

Hrithik Roshan, Kangna Ranaut,Barbara Mori, Kabir Bedi, Nick Brown,Yuri Suri,

Banner :Filmkraft Productions (I) Pvt Ltd

Producer :Rakesh Roshan,Sunaina Roshan

Director: Anurag Basu

Music Director :Rajesh Roshan

Story / Writer :Akash Khurana,Anurag Basu,Robin Bhatt

The Rating

3.95 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

Kites Movie Review

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