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Kiss Movie Review

Kiss Movie Review

Adivi Sesh who impressed all in Panja earlier directed Karma. Now he is coming once again with Kiss. Let us see what impact he made on movie lovers.


US girl Priya (Priya Bannerjee) gets MBA seat in Oxford University. However her dad mixes her marriage with Ravi (Bharat Reddy). Unable to compromise, she runs away inorder to commit suicide. She meets Sunny (Adivi Sesh) who asks her to enjoy life before she commits suicide. The question is whetherPriya heeded to Sunny advice or not.


Adivi Sesh presented on screen with bundles of confidence. Though he is good in entertaining scenes he failed in showing emotions. Priya Bannerjee though got the looks didnot get that acting talent. Shockingly Priya already graduated from acting school. One gets a feeling that she should undergo training more number of times to achieve perfection.

Bharat Reddy is ok in negative role and Shafi tried his level best to excel in comedy. The least said the better about the supporting cast.


Producer should be complimented for taking the film in San Fransisco,US. Only visuals are attractive in the film. Background score is ok while music is bad. Not much to say about Cinematography. Dialogues lack the catching power. Since no one exceled in technical department, Adivi Sesh got burdened.

Though he has taken his son Adivi Saikiran for script, he couldn’t get attractive script and story.


Adivi Sesh failed totally in right from script,screenplay and direction. He forgot that he shouldn’t be satisfied with the story but viewers should be. Kiss instead of giving entertainment gave head ache to them. Slow pace and spineless performances made this Kiss sour.


This Kiss tastes sour.

The Rating
1.7 out of 5

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