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Keratam Movie Review

Keratam Movie Review

The Film

Keratm , as the title suggests is a wave, a spontaneous biological necessity for a mate, which makes adolescents get carried away by that intangible feeling of love without the innate comprehension of its consequences or its inevitable repercussions.

The Synopsis

Siddhu (Siddharth Rajkumar), son of a middle class employee (Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao), is a high school student. He is a pet of his mother (Yamuna). Siddhu has a bunch of friends Ram, Mahesh, Alok and Rao (Pradeep, Alok, Yatitaj, Amit). Geetha (Aishwarya), Varsha and Roopa are also part of the bunch. These friends have their fun and have their quota of parental relationship aberrations. Siddhu is infatuated with Geetha and wants her love.

Siddhu and his group of friends pass out and join college. Siddhu does not concentrate on his studies in spite of the periodic admonitions by his father. Geetha is also affectionately drawn towards Siddhu. There is Robo (Ganesh) with whom Siddhu gets involved in a bike drag race. Petty jealousies precipitate an ugly scuffle where Robo is severely injured and Siddhu, along with his friends, is in the dock. The incident make Siddhu’s friends desert him.

Geetha, counseled by her parents, rejects Siddhu’s overtures of love. Siddhu neglects his studies drops out of the college and starts

Keratam Movie Review

wooing Sangeetha (Raakul Preeth Singh) who dumps him as a good-for-nothing fellow. Siddhu’s father retires and tries to get a job for him but he misses the interview.

All the friends of Siddhu have settled in good positions or careers. At last, realization dawns on Siddhu. Though it is late, it is never too late

The Performances

Siddharth Rajkumar on his debut acquits himself well. His chubby face and youthful exuberance suits the character. Aishwarya is cute and performs well. Raakul Preeth Singh is glamorous in her cameo. Pradeep, Alok, Yatitaj and Amit play their roles with conviction. Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao perfectly suited the father’s role. Yamuna and Kavita are mothers personified. Ganesh as Robo is impressive. Venumadhav is not that funny. All others have done their bits to satisfaction.

The Techniques

Keratam Movie Review

The story, like its title Keratam, a wave, rises in a hurry, peaks in a flurry and slides down into a slurry, in tune with the theme of the film. The screenplay is breezy and keeps up the momentum until the conclusion. Director Goutam Patnaik adds bits of mischief and tidbits of wit to the proceedings along with the fuzz of bike racing and the antics of Robo Ganesh. Music by Joshva Sridhar is good and the songs add to the flavor of narration. Cinematography by A Venkatesh is very pleasing to the eye. Audiography is good. Production values are high.

The Verdict

Keratam is a slice-of-life film collating the lives of a bunch of youthful characters in the short span of college life with an inherent emphasis on what is more important in life.

Art reflects Life and sometimes Life imitates Art. With the celluloid tsunami of romantic love stories, youngsters are bound to be inadvertently drawn into the vortex of infatuation which can precipitate

Keratam Movie Review

into a sort of adolescent delinquency instead of a meaningful affectionate relationship between an adult male and female. A ‘present ‘filled with mindless love syndrome can only deliver a bleak ‘future’.

Keratam should be watched by both the GenX and their parents. It is preachy but it does not sermonize. It is infotainment with a message.

The Cast and Crew
Sidharth Raj Kumar, Aishvarya, Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao, Raakul Preeth Singh
Music: Joshva Sridhar
Cinematography : A Venkatesh
Producer: SV Babu
Director: Goutam Patnaik

The Rating
3 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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