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Kasab sentenced to death

Kasab sentenced to death

Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab, who was responsible for the death of 166 innocent people in the Mumbai Mayhem on 26/11, was on Thursday sentenced to death for the Mumbai terror attacks by a special court, which said that keeping such a terrorist alive will be a “lingering danger” to the society and the Indian government.

The special anti-terror court of M.L. Tahaliyani pronounced capital punishment for the 22-year-old terrorist on five counts of murder, conspiracy to murder, waging war against the country, abetting murder and committing terrorist activities under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

Kasab was also awarded life imprisonment on five other counts including attempt to murder, criminal conspiracy and under the Explosive Substances Act.

“In the court’s opinion, Kasab has no chance to reform. Keeping such a terrorist alive will be a lingering danger to the society and the Indian government,” Judge Tahaliyani said while pronouncing his verdict, three days after he convicted him for the massacre.

The judge cited the example of the Kandahar hijack case in which arrested terrorists were swapped for the passengers held hostage. “If Kasab is kept alive, this situation may occur again,” he said.

The judge said Kasab had joined terror outfit LeT voluntarily and offered himself to be a “mujahideen“(holy warrior).

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