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Karthik Calling Karthik Hindi Movie Review

Karthik Calling Karthik Movie Review

The Film

Karthik calling Karthik is an exciting film probing a hither to unknown aspect of severe introspection which gives way to an extrovert accomplishment. By the way, is success and failure the only guidelines? Perhaps so, perhaps not!

The Synopsis

Karthik Narayan (Farhan Akhtar) is low on self confidence and high on lowering himself further with a pre-conceived notion of being a worthless being. He suffers personally and even at the work place. He is easily exploited by one and all.

Then, the telephone rings…Karthik calling Karthik! With the inputs of the telephonic caller, Karthik achieves unimaginable heights… even gets a girl friend Shonali Mukherjee (Deepika Padukone) …then descends because of an interesting twist in the story. Will Karthik be Karthik again? What about his relationship with his high flying girl friend? An absorbing narration, leading to an unexpected climax.

Karthik Calling Karthik Hindi Movie Review

The Performances

Farhan Akhtar rocks on again with a spirited performance. He seems to have imbibed the mind of Javed Akhtar and the mentality of Shabana Azmi. Deepika Padukone is simply dazzling and at ease with her role. Except these two, all others just support the entire narration. However, Ram Kapoor and Shifaali Shah are truly impressive.

The Techniques

Vijay Lalwani comes out with a stylized and stylistic film show casing the inherent shortfalls of every person and the need to succeed in this dog-eat-dog world. The music by Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy is pleasing to the ears. Sano Varghese’ cinematography is wonderful. Editing by Aarti Bajaj supplements the narration pace. Sound Design by Baylon Fonseca enhances the various moods of the film.

Karthik Calling Karthik Hindi Movie Review

The Verdict

Karthik Calling Karthik is an immensely pleasurable cinematic experience…perhaps, all said and done, Indian cinema is at last coming of age. Watch the movie for Forhan’s sake.

The Cast and Crew

Farhan Akhtar, Deepika Padukone, Ram Kapoor, Shifaali Shah and others

Music: Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy

Director of Photography: Sano Varghese

Executive Producer – Miriam Joseph

Editor: Aarti Bajaj

Sound Design: Baylon Fonseca

Production Designer: Rachna and Murli

Line Producer: Stuti Ramachandra

Casting: Nandini Shrikent

Costumes: Niharika Khan

Producer: Ritesh Sidhwani & Farhan Akhtar

Co – Producer: Amit Chandrra & Vijay Lalwani

Banner: Magic Beans Pvt. Ltd

Written and Directed by: Vijay Lalwani

The Rating

3.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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