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Kareena Kapoor excited about “Kurbaan”

Kareena Kapoor excited about “Kurbaan”

Kareena Kapoor excited about “Kurbaan”

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is very excited about her forthcoming film “Kurbaan” for three reasons. One, she is paired with her current beau Saif Ali Khan. Two, she has an author-backed role and three, the film is being made hot-shot producer Karan Johar of Dharma Productions.

“Kurbaan” is a politically film and deals with international terrorism. Rensil D’Silva script writer of “Rang De Basanti” is directing it. The film shows the difference between fundamental terrorist and modern Islam. It makes a comment on people who kill other people; people who don’t belong to any god.

The star cast of the film includes Vivek Oberoi, Om Puri and Dia Mirza. The film is also expected to showcase the best of Sufi music.

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