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INTERVIEW – With Chandrasekhar Yeleti

INTERVIEW With Chandrasekhar Yeleti

INTERVIEW With Chandrasekhar Yeleti

The forth coming film titled Prayanam is the directorial journey of Chandrasekhar Yeleti, who is regarded as a sensible director in Tollywood because of his films Eithe, Anukokunda Oka Roju and Okkadunnadu.
Excerpts: On Prayanam

This film deals with the interface of the hero and heroine in three and a half hours at the airport in Malaysia. Around 70% of the film is shot in the airport itself.

On the characters in the film

The hero is a tourist on his way to Singapore and the heroine is a PG student on her way back to India. The hero has two friends who are tagged on to him.
The heroine has two co-passengers played by Brahmanandam and Daniel. The entire story revolves around these characters.

INTERVIEW with Chandrasekhar Yeleti

INTERVIEW with Chandrasekhar Yeleti

On the theme of the film

I made thrillers so far. But Prayanam is an out and out romantic love story punctuated with humour.
The interaction between the hero and heroine represents the confusion and compassion that is normal in any communication between a girl and boy.

On the protagonists

Manch Manoj has given an impressive performance and so the heroine Harika who has earlier done some films in Bengali. Among the supporting cast, Janardhan, who acted in my film Eithe, has a pivotal role. Brahmanandam, along with Daniel, has a rib-tickling role.

On future plans

I am planning to make a film with Goutham, son of comedian Brahmanandam, as hero. I have not decided yet on the title, but the script is ready. The shooting starts in May.

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