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Indumathi Movie Review

Indumathi Movie Review

Indumathi Movie Review

The Cast and Crew
Shivaji, Swetha Bharadwaj, Harsha Vardhan and others
Music: Anand
Camera: Vasu
Art: Narayana Reddy
Editing: Shankar
Producer : P Harsha Reddy

Banner: Geo Media Arts
Presents: Soma Prakash
Story, screenplay and directed by: P Harsha Reddy

Indumathi Movie Review

Indumathi Movie Review

The Film

Indumathi is a suspense thriller dealing with a series of murders and unraveling the mystery.

The Synopsis

Swetha Bahardwaj along with her lover steal a huge amount of money and run away. They hire the house belonging to Harshavardhan to stay. Soon, Swetha’s lover is found dead. The owner tries to suppress this mysterious death so that he can give the house again for rent. Meanwhile, swetha disappears.
Soon a bunch of bachelors take Harshavardhan’s house on rent. One of them brings in Sivaji who kills

indumathi movie riview

indumathi movie riview

the friend who brought him into the house. There are reports of a manic-serial killer on the loose. Then, Swetha is found in a gutter.

The rest of the story deals with unraveling the mystery behind the murders.

The Performances

Sivaji has gone through the motions as per the criteria of his role. Swetha Bhardwaj supplies the eye-candy factor with lots of skin-show. Her role does not demand much of acting skills. All other actors appear adequate.

The Techniques

The story is too weak to invoke much of suspense. The screenplay also does not help in giving a gripping narration. Devoid of a valid premise, the mysterious murders become invalid in the context of story-telling.
The cinematography is good and so are the editing and audiography. The music is also good.

Indumathi: Movie Review

Indumathi: Movie Review

The Verdict

Indumathi, while trying to mix entertainment with suspense, fails to be as thrilling as Manthra or A Film by Aravind. This film is an average time-pass fare.

The Rating

2 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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