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I was not positive of Shakti, says Ileana

I was not positive of Shakti, says Ileana

Director Meher Ramesh is blamed for super flop of Vyjayanthi Movies magnum opus Shakti. NTRIleana starrer movie made at a cost of Rs 45 crore bombed at the box-office.

Ileana too was blamed for her role in the movie in the wake of charging mind blowing price for the movie. Now, Ileana says that she was not positive about the movie. Shakti had too much of everything. I don’t know what the film was about, she quipped.

When I am not convinced about a film, I don’t tell people to watch it, she added. Ileana rubbished the alleged link up with Tollywood playboy, Rana Daggubati. Sonam Kapoor is the latest addition to the people linked with Rana.

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