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Hyderabad Secretariat is burning

Hyderabad Secretariat is burning

Hyderabad Secretariat is burning

A fire broke out Today afternoon in the D-Block of Andhra Pradesh Secretariat and completely gutted the second and third floors.

This new block had been open in 2003 with the most modern design of wall-embedded wiring and plumbing with fire extinguishers placed at strategic places.

However, hundreds of government employees could not smell a burning wire, as everyone is saying that the fire broke out because of electrical short circuit, and then the fire broke out and engulfed the 2nd and 3rd floors of D-Block completely annihilating all the furniture, files, records and computers including the main server in the important departments of Finance, Forests, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Tourism and Labour Welfare.

Rosaiah, AP state finance minister and considered as the number two man in YSR cabinet visited the burning secretariat and announced that there would be a high level inquiry into the fire accident.

All the opposition leaders are crying hoarse that this is no accident, but a deliberate act of sabotage to wipe out evidence of corrupt YSR government’s public looting.

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