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Heart Attack Movie Review

Heart Attack Movie Review

Story begins Varun(Nitin) is Hippie living out of part time jobs in and around Spain. He meets Hayati (Adah Sharma) in Spain and longs to kiss her. He tries impressing her and takes the help of Priya (Kesha Kambhati) and Hayati actually falls for him. Later, Varun reveals that he has no other feeling for Hayathi. Hayathi leaves to India to help her father in recovery. Varun leaves to Romania only to realize he has been in love with Hayati. But Hayati in the meantime leaves to Goa to take care of her father a police officer who was beaten black and blue by Makrand Pandey and gang. How Hayati saves her father from ailing forms rest of the story? Did Varun return back to Spain to find his love? Rest of the story on screens

Plus Points

Minus Points
Unnecessary fights
Slow narration

This time Puri selection story is routine and there are no interesting twists and turns in the film. The audience’s high expectations not made up to mark. The first half was tolerable with the love story progressing with some quirky scenes, whacky dialogues and Brahmanandam comedy here and there.The intermission was pretty predictable with a slight twist before. The second half is so boring but survives just because of the screenplay .Predictable plot and routine execution and simple climax. The entire film dragged right from the beginning and movie can be enjoyed in bits and pieces especially in the first half, while the second half loses steam big time.

Technical Aspect
Production values are of high standard. Anup Rubens music is good to hear and all the songs are shot well. Background music is good. Amol Radhod with his camera work captured the beautiful locations of Spain, Romania and Goa. Dialogues are ok and choreography is fine. However everything came to nothing with routine storyline.

Final Talk
Puri given heart attack to Nitin

The Rating

3 out of 5

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