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Happy Happy Ga Movie Review

Happy Happy Ga Movie Review

The Film

Happy Happyga is a teenage love story that has more misconceptions than necessary particularly when novelty is missing.

The Synopsis

Santosh (Varun Sandesh) who runs a gift shop falls in love with Pooja (Vega) who comes to Vizag from abroad on a holiday. She does not respond to his romantic overtures. To make her aware of the strength of love, he creates an imagined dream girl. However Pooja thinks that Priya (Saranya Mohan), sister of a gangster Suri (Ravi Shankar) is Santosh’s love interest. Pooja meets Priya and the latter shows interest in Santosh. With his sister involved, Suri enters the scene. The rest of the story deals with untangling of this love triangle.

Happy Happy Ga Movie Review

The Performances

Varun Sandesh is quite bubbly but fails to impress. Vega and Saranya do their bit in addition to being glamorous. Shankar is OK. MS Narayana, Ali, and Telangana Shakunthala are their usual selves. All others play their given roles in a mechanical fashion.

The Techniques

Love triangle is as old as Indian cinema and will appeal to the audience when there is sufficient emotional drama and psychological play. Story, screenplay and direction by Priya Sharan is weak in content and the treatment is without soul. Dialogues are sloppy. Music is more of a hindrance. Cinematography and audiography fail to pep up the narration.

Happy Happy Ga Movie Review

The Verdict

Varun Sandesh appears to have harmed his image by accepting to act in this film which is very poorly made.

The Cast and Crew

Varun Sandesh, Vega, Sharanya Mohan, Ali, Ravi Shankar, M S Narayana, Telangana Shakunthala and others.

Music: Mani Sharma

Cinematography: Venky

Producer: Vadlamudi Durga Prasad

Banner: Ocean Movies

Director: Priya Sharan

The Rating

1.25 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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