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Gaayam 2 Movie Review

Gaayam 2 Movie Review


Ram (Jagapathi Babu) is enjoying his life in Bangkok with his wife and son. Ram kills two people in an unforeseen incident happend inside his coffee shop. On trail of these cases media interviews him and it is aired in Telugu News channels in Hyderabad, where in Shankar Narayana(Kota Prasad) son of  Guru Narayana (Kota Srinivisa Rao) watches it and recognizes him as Durga.

Gaayam 2 Movie Review

To know whether Durga is alive, or Ram is look alike of Durga, Shankar Narayana and his lawyer(Tanikella Bharani) moves to Bangkok.

Is Ram, Durga or who is he? forms rest of the story.


Gaayam-2 starts with slow and dull narration for about an hour and then movie goes on interesting phase when Guru Narayan (Kota Srinivasa Rao) comes onto screen. Presence of Kota Srinivas Rao is an asset, infact saver for this morquee.

He excels his role with telangana accent, same like in Gaayam Original.

Kota Prasad(Shankar Narayan) son of Kota Srinivas Rao played his son and is good.

If any body misses RGV Gaayam, no worries. Director Praveen Sri, narrated original Gaayam in just 10 minuites.

Jagapathi Babu performance as protoganist is noteworthy like the role in Gaayam original. He looks exactly same as Durga in Original Gaayam.

Vimala Raman is good as worrying wife of Jagapathi Babu. Vishnu Vardhan comedy doesn’t have that much impact.

Gaayam 2 Movie Review

Directory Praveen Sri used contemporary politics and incidents happened in recent days in our state for story execution.

Songs are OK and does not help much to movie. Background score is good.

One should have guts to make a sequel to RGV’s Gaayam, which is source for aspiring film makers.

As Gaayam-2 is released as sequel to RGV Gaayam, every one compares one another.

On the whole one can’t avoid Gaayam-2 but it failed to reach success created by Gaayam.

2.5 out of 5

Review by Chetanz ([email protected])

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