Following are his Tweets on Pawan

Following are his Tweets on Pawan

“RGV has been asking Pawan Kalyan to form his own political party for quite some time now. Today, he went a step further. ” Even after this proof of how much people love him if Kalyan still doesn’t start his own party he will be the biggest idiot. I just hope that Pawan Kalyan realises that this earth shattering success (of AD) is not because of him but it is because of peoples love towards him”,.

“Names like Mega star are too small for power star..he should be renamed as the Tsunami star. Pawan kalyan achieved the peak of Himalaya whereas Chiranjeevi garu after 40 years is still at the base of that mountain”,

One Response to “Following are his Tweets on Pawan”

  1. Naveen says:

    Dear RGV dont compare chiru with any one of the hero including pavan.He is the legend forever dats y he ruled tollywood for20 years.But pavan becoming no 1 after 20 years of his career.