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Some more to join Gouda

Some more to join Gouda Disgruntled elements from TDP and TRS now have a new camp to join. Since his resignation to telgudesam party on Sunday Devender goud has regular visitors to his residence and rumors are to be believed in the days to come a lot of seniors from telugudesam, Telangana rastra samithi and a few of neglected congress leaders from telengana region will be joining hands with Gouda.

On Thursday evening another senior leader Chennamaneni Rajeswara rao met Goud at the latter’s residence though Rao refused to reveal what conspired between the two it is foregone conclusion that in a couple days Rao is quitting Telugudesam to join Gouda’ outfit. Though the Adilabad Telugu desam strong man Venugopala chary is yet to come out of his hide out to speak out his option it is heard that he is in touch with a few of the resigned leaders and may come any moment to join them.

In meantime Telugu desam high command is making all out efforts to control the exodus and minimize damage following the exit of peddi reddy and Devender Gouda. Chandrababu Naidu entrusted the job of protecting the folks from leaving the party to Nagam Janardan reddy and he is calling on even smaller leaders and requesting them not to side with Gouda. It is well known that both Nagam and Gouda have not been on talking terms since the Warangal incident ( Three years back Nagam abused the Warangal collector and the case was filed against him Gouda who happened to be there when the incident took place refused to be an witness to the case ).

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