Sakshi MD justifies Andhra Jyothi Editor’s arrest

Sakshi Editor justifies Andhra Jyothi Editor’s arrest Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, son of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and managing director of the newly launched Telugu Daily Saakshi remarked on Wednesday that the law took its course in the arrest of Andhra Jyothi Editor Srinivas and two reporters and the issue is between the State Government and Andhra Jyothi management.

The police arrested the editor and scribes after holding discussions for three-and-half hours, he told a press conference here and added that the police could have arrested them within half-an-hour in the normal course

Advising Andhra Jyothi MD Radhakrishna not to indulge in mudslinging, he condemned the attack on the vernacular daily’s office as undemocratic.

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  1. geyamala says:

    as the ruling party is behind the arrest of the scribes, it is natural for sakshi to defend the arrest. recently fans of chiranjeevi also beat with chappals the effigy of minister mareppa, then why action is not taken against them? it is ironical that the arrests were made on the day the emergency, the darkest day of indian democracy, 25th june.all the progressive democracitic forces should condemn the arrest of the journalists

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    i am sending recently news pls recive my report rplay please