Ramoji Rao’s ETV empire crumbling

Ramoji Rao’s ETV empire crumbling The sprawling media empire of Ramoji Rao is reported to be beset with internal wrangling and family intrigues.

As everyone knows ETV is the numero uno Telugu TV channel, with a track record of High TRP ratings and numerous awards for excellence. Suman, the second son of Ramoji, is the MD of ETV. The Chief Operating Manager for the channel is Prabhakar of Yahoo programme fame.

According to sources, Ramoji wanted the ETV establishment to be shifted to Ramoji Film City from the present premises in Rajbhavan Road and Suman is said to be against such a move. Again there are reports about more business transactions being undertaken by Prabhakar without even the knowledge of Ramoji Rao. There were unconfirmed reports about large scale embezzlement of ETV funds. The grapevine is also abuzz that Suman is totally dependent on Prabhakar for running the establishment, which gave the other party sufficient scope for favouritism and such other nefarious business practices.

Finally, Ramoji Rao, wielded the whip and Prabhakar was summarily dismissed from service. Stung by the action of his father, Suman also is said to have left for USA. In the meanwhile it is found out that both Suman and Prabhakar left with some vital tapes and CDs of the regular serials telecast on ETV. The programmes got disrupted. Ramoji reportedly made Bapineedu as in-charge of ETV for the time being.
According to the usually reliable sources, Suman is seriously contemplating legal action against his father for total control of ETV group of channels.

Ramoji Rao’s ETV empire crumbling There are reports that Saaksi the arch rival of Eenadu is very soon setting up a TV channel by the name of Saakshi and it is likely to commence telecasting by around September this year.

It is also reported that Prabhakar has been offered a key position in Saakshi TV channel.

With the controversies around Margadarsi, assigned lands in Ramoji Film City and RBI, court cases on Margadarsi Finance, this serious trouble at ETV appears to be a threat to the business empire of Ramoji Rao.

Suman accuses Ramoji Rao as bad parent

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Read Suman Interiview In Sakshi
Read Suman Interiview In Sakshi

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Read Suman Interiview In Sakshi 1
Read Suman Interiview In Sakshi 1
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5 Responses to “Ramoji Rao’s ETV empire crumbling”

  1. suresh says:

    This is a great news for ETV viewers. I like Prabhakar as an actor but he and his friend Suman’s appearance on TV after and before every show is sickening. Most of our household were disgusted when Suman has kicked out our beloved Bapu from Bhagavatam serial. Suman thinks he is the greatest writer of all, advertising himself on every occasion. If he is so fond of himself, why cant he open a tv channel and appear all the time 24hrs a day and praise himself. I am paying for the channel to see the shows not these two guys all the time.

  2. ramsingh says:

    I want job in etv rajasthan

  3. prasad says:

    2009 march e tv showe in ramoji rao film cite

  4. Pavan says:

    Ramoji is undisputed Numer one in TV sectors. It is again proved when he has revived ETV within short period.

  5. bharath says:

    Ramoji rao is the ultimate business man. If he do something good or bad to suman is his personal. Because the whole kingdom’s solo owner.suman is not a responsible person.so he did correct. Why this bloody saakshi tv makes high-lite this? He don’t have any problems in his house.