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Ramoji film city a fortified kingdom –Hydrogen cylinder blast controversy

Ramoji film city a fortified kingdom –Hydrogen cylinder blast controversyDuring the Telugudesam ruling even senior civil servants have to take permission from DGP to get a free entry into Ramoji film city. Many of the Telugu desam ministers are afraid of meeting Ramoji and each and every one of their official government orders copies have to be sent to the Ramoji film city.

With the change of the guard at the helm of the affairs everything has changed now.

The minor hydrogen cylinder blast controversy once again dragged the media baron to the police station. Though many people had minor burnings in the accident they are asked not report to police and the neither the authorities in the film city took care of them. This angered one of the victims and the issue went to the SAKHSI notice.

Insiders said this is not a singular one quite some time back a film city bus travelling with visitors hit the wall resulting in minor fractures for some of the tourists one of the victims in that mishap happened to be a congress ZPTC member from Kurnool district of Mantralayam, authorities hushed up the matter before it was taken to the notice of the police.

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