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Proxy war between YSR and Telugu desam media twins

Proxy war between YSR and Telugu desam media twins The YSR versus Ramoji-Radha Krishna ding –dong battle turning murkier and murkier with each passing day. In the past Ramoji used women groups to settle score with liquor baron Magunta and to vote out then ruling Congress chief minister Kotla.

Unfortunately this time it is Ramoji’ turn to feel the heat though Telugu desam media twins projecting attack on Andhra jyothi as an attack on fourth estate general public are looking at it as biz war between YSR and Telugu desam group led by media baron.

Both the groups waging proxy war; YSR using backward groups and Ramoji-Radha Krishna instigating journos. If journalists succeed in lift the case it is winning for Ramoji group and if Manda Krishna madiga gets journalists punished it is victory for YSR.

Poor chaps unaware of YSR-Ramoji Machiavellian politics intellectuals and elders in the media are making eloquent speeches on social justice and freedom of speech.

Are the public watching it?

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