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Parties taking back seat

Parties taking back seat

Parties taking back seat

The overwhelming response to Loksatta candidates in the urban segments and huge cross voting across the state during this election suggest that the importance of the mainstream political parties has taken a backseat and the person charisma/character of the candidates rather than parties is to the fore. In metropolitan spaces particularly in twin cities many of bramhanised middle class families, rich and neo-rich last but not least netizens, who usually participate in SMS polling only, overwhelming participated in this democratic cultural festival to exercise their franchise. And it is believed majority of them pressed their EVM button in support of Jayaprakash led Loksatta.

In the districts the scenario is very contrasting. Loksatta is not familiar with many of illiterate and semi educated circles, in that situation voters have investigated the personnel character of candidates and indulged in cross voting.

Though the biased media propagating that their favorites are about to win, reports collected from different source strongly suggest that no one is going to get lion share and all of them have to adjust with minim all seats.


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