NTV- Nielsen ORG Marg survey says YSR is best

NTV- Nielsen ORG Marg survey says YSR is best

According to a  survey conducted by a private television channel, NTV, in association with Nielsen ORG Marg, a majority of people in Andhra Pradesh preferred to have Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy as Chief Minister.
In all, 48.4 per cent of the people among the 58,720 eligible voters covered under the survey have chosen Dr Reddy as their favourite to lead the government even after the next elections. TDP Chief, N Chandrababu Naidu got support of 33 per cent people and the TRS president, K.Chandrasekhara Rao, got the support of 6 per cent. Only 10 per cent felt that Chiranjeevi would be a good Chief Minister.
Majority of the people are also not in favour of creation of Telangana state, according to the survey conducted in all the Assembly constituencies of the State. Around 50 per cent of the people said Andhra Pradesh should not be divided at any cost. Only 31 per cent are in favour of a separate Telangana.

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18 Responses to “NTV- Nielsen ORG Marg survey says YSR is best”

  1. sudhir says:

    neilson org said TDP willwin in last electionsbut that dint happen. seems YSR has spent a lot to get this result

  2. Rajasekhar says:


    Its a dream of TDP wining sudhir and it will be dream,

    the survey made by TDP last term was made by TDP not from Third party ,

    YSR the Cm and Will Be CM

  3. andhrawala says:

    this survey is bogus , YSR is the worst CM of all time , TDP will win , this will be fact

  4. Sirish says:

    this is all fake analysis…the survey is customized by YS….poor fellow hez trying all different things to regain power….

  5. Pawan Kalyan says:

    No Al tese are bogus surveys chiranjeevi will take the CM hot seat that is for sure

  6. sreeramgarapati says:

    ntv is in the favour of ysr
    the truth is chiranjeevi will be the next cm.

  7. Raghunatha Reddy says:

    Hi YSR is the Best Leader, I hope he will be the Chief Minister once again for the Andhra Pradesh

  8. praveen says:

    YSR will win if its only elections for CM, but this is an election for MLAs as well and that will change equations. Regarding telangana survey. telangana people are less than 50% in AP, a survey on telangana isssue in whole of AP will obviously lead to less than 50%.. Even than only 50% dont want telangana. Lets make the survey in telangan and see the results.
    I am a hard core megastar fan, but only for movies…Chiranjeevi and his family members first need to open up the party for others.. Then he needs to find some real issues. Growth, development, infrastructure and job creation should be the focus. Thats the only way all segments of people will get social justice.

  9. venkat says:


  10. mvs reddy says:

    Hello Frendz
    I am proud to say that Chandra Babu Naidu is one of the Best Leaders in India.
    I am also Very proud to say that YSR is a very good CM of AP.
    If you observe from heart last 5 years…you could realise..
    1) Arogya sree
    2)Upadhi Pathakam
    3)Houses & Pensions.
    4) Free Power
    5) Irrigation projects………….these three helped the poor a lot..there may be one, two mistakes..after all he is a politician na..

    I accept that comparitvly there is high corruption in his regime…now a days who is the honest politician…Naidu ? Modi ? Sonia ? lalu ? advani ?……ha ha ha ha ….no way…all are corrupted..this is the fact..

    Ultimatly….YSR is the Best CM for AP s people / pupil

  11. RK says:

    This survey results may not be correct ,

    YSR is the worst CM of all time but a better CM so far congress has
    produced because of
    1) encouraging corruption, 2) no hold on administration, 3) unnecessary
    use less promises and not implemented 4) Habituated the people for
    “ALL FREE” compelling other parties to do the same, 5) Rowdyism,6)
    All the projects are copied from Naidu, ,just name changed.

    People should vote him to power if they believe that “YSR” can rectify the above mistakes

    2) On the other hand Chiru saying some thing and doing different things
    encouraging only caste politics and people with money. First he should
    work like an ordinary party cadre/ worker / representative and prove
    sincerity rather than dreaming for “CM” in 6- 8 months.
    He can’t bring any difference by encouraging people from other parties like TDP & Congress and should build his party and prove his sincerity.

    People should vote him to power if they believe that “CHIRU” can rectify from the above mistakes

    3) Naidu is a better administrator and hard worker, his governament was less
    corrupt and properly organized compared to congress.Law and order was
    However he does’nt believe any one working with him and
    doesn’t talk friendly/ mingle with people or his party people .He is a serious character and
    could’nt attract people.
    His daring / bold approach, the way he handled teachers , NGO’s, other
    government employees to extract more work for the better cause of the
    society is a “GOOD” step but back fired due to his over strict nature,
    negligence towards farmers, lack of rainfall are the causes that lead to his

    Due to his active role during a leadership change in TDP because of Laxmi Parvathi which was the down fall of NTR is a good step. otherwise TDP would have not survived today.

    This is the main difference between NAIDU & YSR.
    So taking all these into considerations TDP is the better party.

    People should vote NAIDU to power if they believe he can rectify the above mistakes.

    TDP should win and needs to win.

  12. Srinivas murthy says:

    The above RK looks like a complete idiot. he has no knowledge on anything

  13. Amigo says:

    TDP is far better than Congress . But I aspire to see LOKSATTA Party grabbing some seats

  14. PR says:

    The above RK is worst idiot…He was saying like Administration and caste politics, corruption and etc…In 9 years of Babu Govt did lot murders in Rayalaseema, and political Encounters made by Babu…Caste politics like encouraging Eenadu and jyothi both papers owners are Kamma only…And Paritala Ravi idiot made by atleast 500 murders only in Ananthapur district…Worst fellow is Paritala Ravi and Babu…

    I think from last 5 years very good development in Andhra…Full rains and free power for formers…

  15. hari says:

    Twinkle twinkle little star YSR superstar . In every party having there own corruption, is any body there to say babu was not done corruption?. Babu also done corruption at that time there is no alternative media paper to show there corruptions that’s why , we don’t have chance to listen that news becoz eenadu paper is the worst paper in the AP. By using eenadu paper babu done corruption. Eenadu paper hides the babu corruption. any way babu done any thing to poor people in his time. YSR done good for poor people
    , there is no karuvu, prajalu chala challaga vunnaru.

    ee rojullo prati rajakiyanayakulu tintunnaru yevvaru vodili pettaledu.. YSR yenta tinna prajalaku manchi panulu chesadu

    aarogya sree ithenemi
    free power ithe nemi
    vrudhapya pinchan ithenemi
    mahilalaku pavala voddi ithenemi

    cheppukunta pothe ela yenno chesadu YSR

    kani chandra babu matram tana tammullaku, tana banduvulaku dochi petti, rithu naddi vidichi, power dabbulu vosulu chesi, rithunu natteta munchina durmargudu, ippudu padavi vyamoham to anni free ani vosthunnadu…
    prajalu verri vallu anukontunnadu prajalu dvullu vallu yevvarini yennukovalo vaariki telusu. Ee sari babu ku deposit kuda dakkadu. maka kutami kadhu adi dongala kutami, KCR oka nayakuda ratri tagi podduna marichi poye aayana telanga na testhadu ante yevvaru nammutaru e sari KCR ni palamuru prajalu 100 kilometer gooyye lo bonda pedutaru. any YSR done gud job for the past 5 year.
    n then he will continue once again…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

    please ysr ki vote veyyandi … abivruddhini gelipinchandi

  16. amar says:

    ysr is the best cm ap has ever seen and there is no hope in next 50 years any person who can compete with ysr

  17. anji says:

    ys are great leader no body can replace him

  18. kk reddy says:

    YSR is the worst CM for andhra..that is the reason god take him soon…curruption is his surname..jagan wants to continue..