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Lok Satta Party emerging as a strong force

Lok Satta Party emerging as a strong force

Lok Satta Party emerging as a strong force

To the discomfiture of mainstream political parties, four-year old Lok Satta Party (LSP) is emerging as a strong force with urban middle class overwhelmingly preferring LSP candidates in many of the constituencies in and around Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Visakhapattanam, and Vijayawada as well as in district headquarters. It is heard that majority of the government employees and educated rich and middle class people voted en block to the party in addition to the IT professionals.

In Jubilee Hills constituency, the abode of the filthy rich, many dared the scorching sun top stand in long queues and the voting volume raced beyond 70% whereas in the slums the voter turnout was less than 40%. This development has given sleepless nights and restless moments to the Congress candidate who was predicted to have cake walk.

Some analysts are of the opinion that this LSP+ educated voter combine can be generalized for many urban areas. Even semi-urban areas witnessed similar scenarios which strongly indicates that the class division of society in the days to come will replace the caste divisions.

There are also reports that many of Loksatta contestants are from Kamma community. Some people feel that unless LSP president JP shed that caste tag, he cannot rise as a strong political force.

As Pakistan has to shed military and America to over come the present troubles which is becoming impossible, JP has to shed Ramoji and Kamma tag which may not be an easy task.


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