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Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Keep aside your zodiac signs and connected attitudes; birth numbers and numerological analysis; horoscopes and astrological assertions; tarot cards and a glimpse into the future; crystal gazing and prophesying; parrot card predictions; palm reading and Chirology; séances and channeling; and every conceivable modern equivalent of the Oracles of Delphi…Forget about birth stones, lucky gems, charming mascots and magical amulets…

Let us say it with beautiful Flowers; Know your Birth Flower and perceive your Personality Traits :

January Birth Flower – Carnation : People who are born during January have carnation as their birthday

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

flower, which is also known as gillyflower and clove pink. Carnation is derived from the Greek word corone (coronation) and means ‘flower of the Gods’.

Carnation symbolize deep love, fascination, a friend in adversity attitude and eternal fidelity.

Personality traits: January-born Carnation-flower people are strongly motivated to succeed and gain a position of power in life. They strive for respect and accomplishment in their careers. They are emotional and sensitive and are very responsible and protective towards their families.

February Birth Flower-Violet : People who are born during February have violet as their birthday flower.

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Violet signifies faithfulness, warmth of affection, prosperity, faith, wisdom, hope, inspiration, humility and cleanliness.

Personality traits : February-born Violet-flower people have an accurate intuition, a tremendous common sense, ingeniousness, and a powerful will.

They can handle any difficulties in life with a smile and transcend setbacks by using celestial knowledge. Women are born with this flower as their birth flower are original, independent, beautiful, intellectual, and make good use of their magnetic sexuality to reach their purposes.

March Birth Flower – Daffodil : The daffodil is the March birth flower. The daffodil’s meaning is rebirth with a promise of happiness and joy. Remember William Wordsworth’s poem Daffodils?

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Daffodils represent optimism, reverence, kindness, warmth and unrequited love.

Personality traits : March-born Daffodil-flower people are compassionate, dreamy, artistic, independent, sensitive, loving, impractical and timid.

These people can easily adapt to different situations and can handle different tasks at the same time.

One of the greatest traits of these people is that they usually avoid conflict whenever possible and are inclined to act as peacemakers when others fight.

April Birth Flower – Daisy : April’s birthday flower is daisy which comes in pink and purple colours.

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Daisy is associated with innocence, modesty, curiosity, inquisitiveness and brings in a joyful, happy-go-lucky character.

Personality traits : April-born Daisy-flower people are born leaders. They have an impatient desire to succeed.

They are competitive and motivated people and they make everyone’s life beautiful wherever they stay.

May Birth Flower – Lily of the Valley : Lily of the valley is the birth flower of May.

This graceful flower was used by ancients as an herbal medicine and as an antidote to poison.

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Lily of the Valley represents strength of character, remembrance, infatuation and splendid beauty.

Personality traits : May-born Lily of the Valley-flower people are beautiful, somehow stubborn and practical towards life.

Strong and dominant with powerful will power, these people can courageously handle the difficulties of life.

Girls born with this birth flower are beautiful, intellectual and sensitive.

June Birth Flower – Rose : The Rose is the birth flower of June.

Rose is the most common and beautiful flower that stands for passion, friendship, magnificence and love.

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Personality traits : June-born Rose-flower people have a gift of youth, a double personality and a quicksilver mind enabling them to adapt easily to any situation.

They have good communication skills and are curious by nature.

July Birth Flower – Larkspur : Larkspur is considered to be the birth flower of July.

Larkspur is associated with good luck, lightness and laughter.

Personality traits : July-born Larkspur-flower people give priority to family matters and affairs and relationships .

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

They are perfectionists and are quite critical. Steadiness, organizing skills, warmth, love, and charm belong to them and they are go-getters in life.

August Birth Flower – Gladiolus : The gladiolus is the birth flower of August.

Gladiolus represents strength of character, importance of marriage and family togetherness.

Personality traits : August-born Gladiolus-flower people are strongly motivated by the will to succeed. Strong and dominant, they nurture a formidable desire to organize and rule others.

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Women born with gadious as their birth flower are stunning, intellectual and attract others with their enthusiastic power.

September Birth Flower – Aster : The aster is the birth flower of September.

In ancient times, it was believed that burning the leaves gave special powers, as the scent would drive away evil.

Aster or morning glory has deep colours that radiate beauty to its surroundings. It symbolises love, daintiness, contentment and unpredictability. It is also an embodiment of afterthought and is laid on the graves of soldiers.

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Personality traits : September-born Aster-flower people have a strong devotion to life and are filled with light.

They are intellectual, very critical and picky and tend to work hard.

They are masters of communication and will always combine logic and intuition in dealing with life. They are perfectionists.

October Birth Flower – Marigold :

The marigold or calendula is the birth flower of October and is customarily placed around the necks of holy statues,
as it is considered most sacred.

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Marigold represents contentment, excellence, gratitude and love for nature.

Personality traits : October-born Marigold-flower people are strongly motivated by a desire for justice and always create harmony in all areas of your lives. They have a gentle personality and love to take challenges.

They are peacemakers and usually don’t like to fight with others. Being a good communicators they usually tend to convince people and are considered to be born leaders.

November Birth Flower – Chrysanthemum :

The chrysanthemum is the birth flower of November and according to an old myth, a single petal of this flower placed at the bottom of a glass brings forth longevity.

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Chrisanthemum represent cheerfulness, sensitivity, compassion and wealth.

Personality traits : November-born Chrisanthemum-flower people are strong, private and dominant, with a practical mind and an acute intuition.

They are interested and aspire only for the truth. The women are sensual, intellectual, reserved, and super magnetic.

December Birth Flower – Narcissus :

A sweet fragrant, bulbous white flower, Nacissus is the birth flower of December. According to Greek mythology, Narcissus was the most beautiful boy on Earth and as he saw his own reflection in a near by lake, he leant over to kiss his mirrored image and fell in and drowned. When he was discovered by the God Apollo, he turned Narcissus into a beautiful flower, so his beauty could be remembered forever.

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Narcissus symbolises celebration, egotism, wealth and success.

Personality traits : December-born Narcissus-flower people tend to be fortunately blessed, strong willed. They hate disagreements, are careful, unobtrusive, systematic and confident. Extremely hard working, independent and self-confident, these people respect traditions. They are very much attached to their family and can go to any lengths to protect them from the world.

The Cusp
Those born in the last week of one month or the first week of the following month are considered to have born in the Cusp of the Months and tend to retain the flowers and personality traits of both the months.

Deen Kumar
( With consulting inputs from Pt. Surya Prakash Sharma)

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