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Astrologer predicted Ramoji Rao’s plight

Astrologer predicted Ramoji Rao’s plight According to the usually reliable sources, business tycoon Ramoji Rao reportedly confessed to some of his closest confidantes that an astrologer predicted that he would face unfavourable times, once he crossed the age of 70.

Ramoji Rao had heavy leftist leanings in his early days and his newspaper Eenadu never published any astrological predictions as most daily and weekly publications do. But, according to Ramoji watchers, the attack on Margadarsi Finance commenced just after one month of his 70th birthday celebrations.

Then there was an onslaught on Ramoji Film City on the allegation that part of the studio landscape involve assigned lands. Soon after, many trusted lieutenants of Ramoji Rao started leaving him. There were rumours that there were bickering among his family members. The recent ETV episode where his son Suman openly revolted against his own father crippled the popular channel.

All these incidents dented Ramoji Rao’s credibility as a powerful business magnate with enormous political clout. It is in this context that Ramoji Rao is said to have recalled the unknown astrologer’s prediction about hard days after his 70th birthday.
Strange are the ways of astrology and stranger are the ways of powerful business people.

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